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Paco Borao
Email: borao@correcaminos.org

Picture of Paco Borao

Paco Borao is President of Correcaminos de Valencia, which organises the Marathon and Half Marathon in Valencia, both of which are AIMS members – the Marathon being such since 1986. Paco Borao grew up in Spain and France, where he played football and is fluent in both languages, and also in English. He became a member of the Board of AIMS in 1996 and took on membership issues at the start of a period of sustained growth in the organisation which saw membership increase from 115 to 304 members. In March 2007 he was appointed as a member of the IAAF Road Running Commission and, just a few days later at the Xiamen World Congress, was elected Vice-President of AIMS. He became President at the 18th World Congress of AIMS held in Athens on 30 October 2010.

Martha Morales
Vice President
Email: maratontangamanga@gmail.com

Picture of Martha Morales

Martha Morales, of Tangamanga Marathon in Mexico, is an active marathon runner and a lawyer. She studied for a Masters Degree in Constitutional Law at Universities in Mexico and the USA. Martha has been an advisor for several national and international road races and she has been involved in different road races, from 10km to the Marathon, both as a runner and an organizer. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of Corredores del Bosque de Tlalpan, the biggest running club in Mexico and Organizers of the Carrera del Día del Padre Half Marathon. She has been a speaker at different Congresses and Symposia about running in Mexico and in South America. She is an IAAF/AIMS “C” course measurer and is fluent in English and Spanish. She was elected Vice-President of AIMS at the 18th World Congress held in Athens on 30 October 2010, board member since 2006.

Dave Cundy
Vice President
Email: cundysm@ozemail.com.au

Picture of Dave Cundy

Dave is Australia’s most experienced marathon director. He was the Race Director of the Canberra Marathon for 30 years from 1980 until 2010; the Race Director of The Host City Marathon in Sydney in 2000; the Road Events Manager for the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Marathons; the Technical Director of the Gold Coast Marathon from 2001 to 2006; and the Race Director of the Australian Outback Marathon from its inauguration in 2010 to 2012. He has been the Race Director of the Great Wall Marathon in China since 2002. Dave works closely with the sport's governing bodies. He is an international road running technical official (ICRO) with the IAAF; a Grade A IAAF-AIMS course measurer; the IAAF-AIMS Course Measurement Administrator for Asia & Oceania; has served for over 25 years on Athletics Australia's Distance Running Commission; and managed Australian distance running teams. He was awarded a Merit Award by his local Athletics Association in 1990; Life Membership of Athletics Australia in 1997 and the Australian Sports Medal from the Australian Government in 2000. Dave was the official IAAF course measurer for the 1998 (Kuala Lumpur) and 2006 (Melbourne) Commonwealth Games Marathons, the 2004 (Delhi) and 2010 (Nanning) World Half Marathon Championships, the 2007 World Championships (Osaka), the 2008 Olympic Games Marathons (Beijing) and the 2011 World Championships (Daegu). He is also the official international course measurer for the Virgin London Marathon. He was the IAAF technical delegate for the 2010 World Half Marathon Championships (Nanning) and the technical delegate for three major events in India in from 2010 to 2012 – the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the TCS World 10km in Bangalore. Dave has been an active marathon runner, finishing each of his 31 marathons with a best time in the 1981 Melbourne Marathon of 2.41.33. Dave was involved in the initial discussions to establish AIMS in the early 1980s and for some time during the 1980s was an individual member of AIMS, a category of membership that no longer exists. He was co-opted to the Board at the Niagara Congress in 2002 and first elected to the Board at the Valencia Congress in 2005. At the 19th World Congress in Prague, Dave was elected to the position of Vice President. In July 2012 he accepted the role of AIMS Technical Director.

Hugh Jones
AIMS Secretary
Email: aimssec@aol.com

Picture of Hugh Jones

Hugh Jones succeeded Andy Galloway as AIMS Secretary on 1 July 1996, after a career as a marathon runner (from 1981) and freelance athletics journalist (from 1987). He was born in London in 1955, and ascribed his later success as a runner partly to running to and from school (1200m, four times daily) for most of the 1960s. In the 1970s he ran casually at secondary school and then at the University of Liverpool. In 1978 he ran and won his first marathon (2:25). In 1981 he won the English Championships with a time of 2:14, which propelled him into a professional running career. His first major win was the 1982 London Marathon with a time of 2:09:24, which coincided with the foundation of AIMS. He competed in city marathons and championships in the 1980s (World Chs 8th & 5th) but his failure to complete the 1990 London Marathon led him to diversify more seriously into athletics journalism. He also qualified as an international course measurer which helped to make him an obvious candidate to succeed Andy Galloway as AIMS Secretary in 1996. Jones continued as both a runner and a journalist but the AIMS job grew with increasing membership of the Association and in practical terms became full-time. He became editor of Distance Running in 2000. Jones still lives in London with his wife and four children.

Al Boka
Email: aimstreasurer@aol.com

Picture of Al Boka

Al Boka became a committed runner while attending university and has run 36 marathons, including the 100th Boston Marathon. He was nominated for the position of AIMS Treasurer in 1996 by the outgoing AIMS Secretary/Treasurer, Andy Galloway, and was duly elected. Since then he has developed procedures and policies which define and control AIMS expenses. These controls over spending have greatly contributed towards the favourable financial position which AIMS enjoys today.

Gary BE Boshoff
Board Member
Email: gary8boshoff@gmail.com

Picture of Gary BE Boshoff

Gary Boshoff was a former national rugby player for South Africa (1984-1989) before joining the Comrades Marathon as CEO in 2006. Under his stewardship the Comrades Marathon has grown into a sustainable commercial enterprise consistently posting a surplus. Boshoff was instrumental in revitalizing Comrades’ international marketing. In 2007 he conceptualized a “Youth Run” with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Sport and Recreation in which 2000 participated in the first race. Gary Boshoff studied at Leicester University (UK), Worcester State University (USA) and the University of the Western Cape in South Africa where he achieved a Master’s Degree in Development Studies. He believes that good corporate governance and ethical behavior is the cornerstone of successful sport. Since starting at Comrades seven years ago Boshoff has developed a passion for running which he will carry forward as an AIMS Board Member.

Fernando Jamarne
Board Member
Email: fjamarne@alessandri.cl

Picture of Fernando Jamarne

Fernando Jamarne is race director of the Santiago International Marathon and Vice-President of the Chilean Athletics Federation, with special responsibility for road running. Himself a Marathon runner, he trained as a lawyer in Chile and then New York, and worked for seven years in New York, Boston and Washington before returning to Chile where he works in a law firm. His expertise has made him a natural liaison person between sport and public bodies, including the Chilean National Olympic Committee. In 2010 he set up the first road race measurement course conducted in Chile. He was elected Board member of AIMS at the 18th World Congress held in Athens on 29 October 2010.

Mitsugi Ogata
Board Member
Email: m.ogata@jaaf.or.jp

Picture of Mitsugi Ogata

Mitsugi Ogata has been Senior Managing Director of the Japanese Federation (JAAF) since 2011, and in that capacity is closely involved in the organisation of many of the Japanese member races of AIMS. He is a former decathlete (Japanese champion in 1981 & 1982) and since 2007 has been vice chair of the High Performance Committee of JAAF. He was Japan's Head Coach at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin and Team Leader at those held in Moscow in 2013. He chairs the Japanese Olympic Committee's Anti-Doping Committee and is most closely involved in the organisation of the historic Fukuoka Open International Marathon Championship. He speaks Japanese and English, and is a Professor at the University of Tsukuba. Elected to the AIMS Board of Directors at the World Congress held in Durban, 2014.

Václav Skřivánek
Board Member
Email: skrivanek@pim.cz

Picture of Václav Skřivánek

Václav Skřivánek is race director of RunCzech Running League events (7 IAAF Road Race Gold Labels). Graduate of University of Economics in Prague (information systems and technologies and economics of sport). He was an active athlete – sprints and jumps. He was volunteering on sport events in Prague since his 16 years and he started working for RunCzech as registration admin and support (former PIM Running Circuit) after his graduation. His hobbies include running and sport overall, good food and technologies.

Árpád Kocsis
Board Member
Email: kocsisa@futanet.hu

Picture of Árpád Kocsis

To date, Árpád as a slow amateur runner finished more than 300 races in 31 countries, including 6 marathons and 50+ half marathons. He has been working in the Hungarian running industry since 1989. Beforehand he obtained a university degree in Economics majoring in marketing. Currently, he is the race director of the largest Hungarian running and leisure sporting events, publisher of a running magazine, and co-owner of the largest running specialty store chain in Hungary. Yearly 140-150 thousand runners participate in his events with the largest being the half marathon (30.000 runners) in the spring and the fall marathon (28.000 runners). He has been actively participating in AIMS since 1990. As a board member between 1991 and 1996 he has represented the post-communist Eastern-Europe. 20 years later, once again, he was elected to be a board member at the Congress in Athens, 2016.

Frank Baillie
Email: bailliefrank@aol.com

Picture of Frank Baillie

A marathon runner, Frank’s relationship with AIMS started in 1990 following publishing and media projects with the Glasgow, London marathons and also the IAAF. Since assuming responsibility for the then AIMS Annual Yearbook he introduced in 1993 the Distance Running magazine which has grown into a quarterly publication with a global readership of 1,200,000 per annum. Stewardship of aims-worldrunning.org was added to his brief in 2013. Career history includes commissioned service in the Royal Air Force and civilian airlines as a command and training Captain, multi national executive positions in the newspaper, magazine, book, poster and calendar publishing, and print industries. Non Executive posts in the National Health Service and Master Printers Association. Graduate of the Harvard Business School, Vevey, Switzerland.

Peter McLean
PR Consultant
Email: peter@prexcellence.com

Picture of Peter McLean

Peter McLean became AIMS press officer in 1989. As the City of Glasgow’s Sports Promotion Officer in 1990 he was Race Director for Scotland’s biggest running event, the Great Scottish Run. He was elected to the AIMS board in 1991 and served as a Director until 1994 when he joined Celtic Football Club’s senior management team. At the same time he became an AIMS consultant to manage public relations activities. He continues to serve AIMS in this role. Peter is the owner and managing director of PMPR Excellence, a communications business specialising in media, diversity and race as well as professional sport, in particular professional football. Peter is a qualified football agent recognised by FIFA. In addition Peter McLean has interests and qualifications in counselling and has studied social and personality psychology, the psychology of addictions and sports psychology. He is a member of the Dispute Resolution Service for Sport in the UK: The SDRP, and a founding trustee of the charity “Nil By Mouth” set up to address sectarianism in Scotland.

Horst Milde
Museum Coordinator
Email: horst-milde@t-online.de

Picture of Horst Milde

Horst Milde was a baker by profession, but also a keen runner, and he founded the Berlin Marathon back in 1974. Under his direction it grew from a race of a few hundred, held out in the woods, to an event of 40000 runners which showcases all of Berlin's most prominent landmarks. He handed over the daily management of the Marathon to his son Mark Milde, but is now President of the German Road Races Association. He was an AIMS Board Member from 1999 to 2010. He was instrumental in establishing the AIMS Marathon Museum of Running and continues to coordinate this important facility on behalf of AIMS.

AIMS headquarters

Theodosis Livitsanos
Email: AIMSHQ@aims-worldrunning.org

Picture of Theodosis Livitsanos

Theodosis Livitsanos was appointed by AIMS in March 2012 to manage the new AIMS Headquarters in Athens. His academic background started back in Athens where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sport Science in 1999. After finishing his first degree, he continued his studies in the UK where he attained a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle and a Master’s Degree in Electronic Commerce from the University of Sunderland. Through his professional career, which covers a wide range of activities both in Greece and abroad (Newcastle, UK) within the area of sport management, Theodosis has gained valuable knowledge and experience in all aspects of sports event organization and sports marketing. Some of his main job activities have been: Sports Development Assistant Manager of Newcastle College at Newcastle UK, Coordinator in the Department of Special Projects of Olympic Village at Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Games Director of Europe Corporate Games 2008, 2009 & 2010, Sport Manager of Bowling and Central Team Coordinator of Sports & Venues Department at Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011. His most recent involvement before joining AIMS was in the sport entries department of Athens Classic Marathon 2011.

AIMS Ambassadors

Among its 400-strong membership, spread through 100 countries and territories of the world, AIMS has historically benefitted from the close relations it has developed with some of the people who represent its member races. These are people who may never have put themselves forward for elected positions but who have taken a deep interest in the Association and the purposes it serves. AIMS wishes to acknowledge their continuing contribution by recognising their role as “ambassadors”.

Rodolfo Eichler
Email: zerod43@gmail.com

Picture of Rodolfo Eichler

Rodolfo Eichler (BRA) has been an IAAF/AIMS “A” measurer since 1985, and was official road events measurer for the Rio Pan American Games 2007, the IAAF Rio Half Marathon World Championship 2008, and the South American Area Championships courses (Asunción, Caracas, Santiago and Medellin). He has also worked as an IAAF ICRO at the IAAF World Road Running Championship in Debrecen (HUN) in 2006 and the Rio de Janeiro and Birmingham World Half Marathon Championship in 2008 and 2009. He has conducted IAAF Measurement workshops for CBAT in São Paulo 2005 and Salvador 2007, and in Santiago (CHI) in 2010 and 2013. He has been Technical Delegate for CONSUDATLE in South America Area Championships events and Technical Director for many AIMS Marathon and Half Marathon members in Brazil and South America for the past 8 years.

Rachid Ben Meziane
Email: info@2cras.com

Picture of Rachid Ben Meziane

Mr. Rachid Ben Meziane (MAR) is a former marathon runner, and is CEO of 2 CRAS Sports Management. He was elite athlete co-ordinator for the Utrecht Singelloop 10km in 2010 when Leonard Komon set the road 10km World Record of 26:44. He also arranges elite fields for the Valencia Marathon, the Athens Classic Marathon and the Utrecht and Leiden Marathons. He is the promotor of several road races in Morocco and other North African countries, including the Marathon International De Marrakech, the RAHAL Running Morocco Series (with elite races in several cities, including the RAHAL Casablanca 10km). He has also been involved in a running project in Libya comprising several events, each with participation of both male and female foreign athletes.

Henryk Paskal
Email: info@pila.halfmarathon.pl

Picture of Henryk Paskal

Henryk Paskal (POL) was a marathon runner with a career best of 2:18:14 in 1978. He won the Warsaw Marathon in 1975. His background was as a physical education teacher (MA) and coach education: M.A. in Physical Education, major in teacher and coach. He has since served as a member of the Polish Athletic Federation (1992–2000) and on its Cross-Country and Road Races Committee as vice-chairman (1988–91) and as Chairman (1992–2000). He was vice-president of the Polish Running Association from 1995-2005, and has been President since 2006. He has been race director of the Pila Half Marathon since 1991, the race becoming a member of AIMS in 1992. He has actively sought out opportunities for Polish races to exchange ideas and experience with foreign events, and promoted “Sports for all” events to encourage a healthy lifestyle in Poland.

Inna Chernoblavskaya
Email: inna200577@mail.ru

Picture of Inna Chernoblavskaya

Inna Chernoblavskaya (RUS) is Head of International Department, Promsvyazbank Moscow Marathon. She speaks Russian, English, Spanish and Hebrew fluently. Her area of expertise, in which she has been working for 13 years, is sports management and tourism. In doing so she has engaged closely with government agencies, the Russian Olympic Committee and the Russian Athletic Federation. She managed the reception of the Marathon Flame in Omsk in 2010 and the AIMS Board meeting in Moscow during the 2013 World Championships in Athletics. Her academic qualifications are a BA in Education Systems Administration and an M.Sc. in Mathematics and Informatics.

International Measurement Administrators

Bernie Conway Americas


Jean-Francois Delasalle French- and Spanish-speaking Europe and Africa


Dave Cundy Asia/Oceania


Hugh Jones English-speaking Europe and Africa


See also the complete list of course measurers.

Honorary members

Hiroaki Chosa
President Emeritus

Picture of Hiroaki Chosa

AIMS has developed into a trustworthy partner for IAAF in the international athletics movement largely through the leadership shown by Hiroaki Chosa. AIMS benefited from direct access to decision makers in the international athletics movement through Mr. Chosa's expertise and experience. His experience is varied: through athletes he trained in his national association; through his position as Race-Director of the renowned Fukuoka Marathon; and through his membership of the IAAF Road-Running Commission. It is also thanks to Mr. Chosa that AIMS had contact with Japanese sponsors, which helped the association to become financially independent. This in turn allowed AIMS to carry out several worldwide initiatives.

Carlos Moya
Honorary Vice President

Picture of Carlos Moya

Carlos Moya is one of Portugal’s most successful businessmen and sports promotion and events specialists. He was awarded the 'Order of Saint James of the Sword’ by the Portuguese Government, one of the highest accolades a Portuguese citizen can receive. He also received the prestigious City of Lisbon Oeiras Rio Janeiro Sports Award and was appointed State Sports High Counsellor. Carlos was formerly an elected government minister in Portugal and is much respected for his work in football as a former Vice President of the Benfica Football Club (European Cup Winners in 1961 & 1962) and Chairman of the Benfica Foundation that supports communities throughout Portugal and around the world helping those in need. Known as the ‘marathon man’ in Portugal Carlos organises Portugal’s finest distance races such as the ‘Rock and Roll Meia Maratona de Lisboa’,a race that has seen many records including the current World Half Marathon along with that at 20km and wheelchair racing of the highest quality.

Dr. David Martin
Honorary Statistician

Picture of Dr. David Martin

David Martin was the AIMS statistician from the inception of AIMS until he stood down due to ill health in 2011. He was born in 1939, received his PhD in medical physiology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1970, and worked at Georgia State University in Atlanta from 1970 until recently. David Martin, Statistician While at Georgia State he taught courses in exercise physiology, cardiovascular physiology, and pulmonary physiology. He started an exercise physiology laboratory in the 1970s which eventually became a model for testing the performance capabilities of elite level middle and long distance runners. Nearly 100 peer reviewed publications have emerged from this laboratory, as well as dozens of coaching related articles. He was active in the USA national governing body for track and field, serving on committees that are involved with preparation of distance runners for successful international competition. David Martin was elected to membership in the Association of Track and Field Statisticians at their meeting in Prague in 1978. He attended most of the original meetings which led to the formation of the AIMS. He became a Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine in 1987. David has written seven books, including The Marathon Footrace (1979, with Roger Gynn), Respiratory Anatomy & Physiology (1988, with John Youtsey), Training Distance Runners (1991, with Peter Coe), Better Training for Distance Runners (1997, with Peter Coe), and The Olympic Marathon (2000, with Roger Gynn). Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Sebastian Coe was one of his high profile clients.

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Email: aimshq@aims-worldrunning.org



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